This property is located on the Guanacaste Peninsula about a five hour drive from the San Jose airport.  Follow link to see location on Google Earth

Our part of Costa Rica is the Tropical Dry Forest. From December to April we get very little or no rain and the leaves on some of the trees fall and some of the trees bloom with very bright colors. The roads are dirt and the closest bank and gas station is about 1 hour away. There are several stores in the area, some with basic needs and 2 with very good specialty items that you can only find in the cities. The local settlers are from Cattle Ranching families that arrived here during the settlement of the Guanacaste - some where in the late 1940's and 1950"s. You can still get a view of cowboys herding cattle to a new pasture - right down the middle of the road and around you and your car. A Pizza Tree - yes, pizza in a tree! There are several wonderful restaurants from 10 to 25 minutes from home. Local eateries and bars close by. Truly a step into the past of Costa Rica. Beaches are not crowded and are long and beautiful although there can be a strong undertow and times. Caution in the ocean at high tide is highly recommended. There is a large estero that is nice for safe swimming at high tide at Playa San Miguel. Surfers and bodysurfers can catch some good waves without crowds. Both Playa San Miguel and Playa Bejuco are protected turtle nesting beaches.

Getting around

Twice a day - 2:30AM and 12:30PM there is a bus that stops at the house for pickup to San Jose with one transfer for less than $10. It will drop you off at the airport or downtown San Jose. Getting to Liberia is a bit tricky with two bus transfers needed to get to your Liberia area destination but there are transfer services that will take you all the way to Liberia.

 With a 2+ acres this land is full of fruit trees, including mango, starfruit, lemon, lime, avocado and banana trees.  The owners recently planted a breadfruit and a jackfruit tree.

More property is available for sale if interested, please contact for details.

A Howler monkey enjoying a mango from the property.

Google earth photo showing location of property

The entrance during the rainy season.

entrance to the house and the cabinas during the dry season

the drive to the main house during the dry season

the drive to the main house during the dry season

blue crowned motmot

Pineapples grown on property

Pineapples grown on property

a view of the back of the cabina

long-tailed manakin

bodega allows work to be done on site

papaya tree and its fruit

double rainbow over property

Hoffman Woodpecker